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Many parents have seen their kids get white spots on toddler teeth sooner or later. As parents are always so much concerned with the dental health of their kids, it becomes all the more necessary to understand what these white spots on toddlers teeth are? In this particular write up, will learn about what causes white spots on toddlers teeth and the best possible solution to the problem. So, just take a look at the following write up in order to get the complete information regarding this very common problem. White Spots On Toddler Teeth Are Caused By Tooth Decay

You may be wondering as to what kind of bleaching substance is used for removing these white spots on toddler teeth?

Well, discoloration solutions are used depending upon the degree of the discoloration. While mild discoloration may be treated with over-the-counter bleaches like hydrogen peroxide and oxalic acid, there are bleaches which are reserved for treating severe discoloration. Hence, you should resort to using teeth whitening solutions like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide in order to remove the stains.

Brown spots

One of the other commonly known causes for these spots is brown spots. Brown spots, commonly referred to as caries, are caused due to nutritional deficiencies in the teeth. These spots can also be caused due to prolonged exposure to staining substances such as tobacco, coffee and cigarettes. Brown spots may also be caused by extreme sensitivity of the teeth. Teeth with brown spots do not respond to staining agents the way white spots do. Hence, this condition cannot be completely cured but can be controlled to some extent.

If you wish to get rid of white spots on toddler’s teeth, you should start by consulting a pediatric dentist. The dentist will examine the enamel of your child’s mouth and take a biopsy sample. During the examination, a decay indicator test will be done. This test will help the dentist to identify the specific cause for the white spots. After identifying the specific cause of the discoloration, the dentist may suggest the right treatment option.

Fluoride treatment

The dentist may suggest that your child should be given fluoride treatment. Fluoride is a commonly recommended tooth decay preventative ingredient. However, too much fluoride can cause enamel damage as well as tooth decay. For this reason, it is best to get fluoride treatment at an early age, preferably when your child starts using proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Sugar-rich foods

Some other factors responsible for causing white spots on toddler teeth are eating sugar-rich foods. These foods are easily converted into acids which can cause harm to the enamel. Other factors causing tooth decay include smoking and drinking tea and coffee. Both of these drinks are high in acidic agents that can weaken the teeth’s enamel. Teeth decay is caused by bacteria living in the mouth and not by the actual acid produced by these substances.

Your toddler needs to receive regular check ups with the dentist. At this time, you need to ensure that your toddler is getting regular fluoride treatment. Also, it is important to brush the toddler’s teeth twice daily. Remember that a toothbrush only has about two-thirds of the amount of fluoride needed to treat a grown person.

Tooth decay leads to cavities. Cavities cause a lot of pain and discomfort and this is why dentists recommend regular cleaning. One way to do this is by using fluoride toothpaste or a fluoride rinse. Fluoride toothpastes kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay. These toothpastes are also beneficial in preventing stains from appearing on the teeth as well.


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