Understanding The Five Functions Of Nonverbal Behaviors

In his famous book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill outlined five functions of nonverbal behaviors. They are receptivity, interest, appeal, follow-up and expectation. The first three are concerned with what the other person is thinking or doing at that moment in time. They also pertain to the listener, since they include how you interpret their words. The final two are more concerned with what you want the other person to do, rather than what they are thinking or doing at that time.

The first of the five functions of nonverbal behaviors is receptivity. receptiveness involves being able to feel or receive information quickly and effectively. This means being able to get your point across without having to resort to talking. receptivity is so important that it is actually related to emotion.

In addition, the second of the five functions of nonverbal behaviors is interest. Interest is related to the way you internalize information that comes across your visual system. People who are highly interested in something will typically pay more attention to it. People who are less interested will typically do what they can to avoid it, or even to forget it.

Five Functions Of Nonverbal Behaviors,

Finally, the third function we are looking at is follow-up. This is related to receptivity, but it has a slightly different take on it. People who follow up are interested not only in what the other person is thinking or doing, but also in getting more information about the subject. This gives people a chance to ask questions that they might have been reluctant to ask otherwise.

When you use these five functions of nonverbal behaviors when communicating with people, you can dramatically improve the quality of communication between you and everyone around you. It is possible to have a conversation with someone that is completely mapped out in their brain, which gives them all the answers to any question you might ask.

However, most of the time, communication is not as well managed when people are not aware of the five functions. If you learn how to use these five functions of nonverbal behaviors effectively, you can learn to make people feel like you are one of them. They will be interested in what you are saying, they will want to know what you are planning to do, and they will be receptive to your communication.

This does not mean that learning this information will make people do things for you. It just means that by understanding these five functions, you can start communicating more effectively with the people around you. The more you understand the five functions of nonverbal behaviors, the more effectively you will be able to communicate. You might not immediately realize that you are doing it, but over time, you will find that you will naturally find ways to make others feel interested in what you have to say.

The Five Functions of Nonverbal Behaviors

The five functions of nonverbal behaviors include but are not limited to the following behaviors: hearing, touch, taste, and smelling. These senses are an essential part of human life, but many times people ignore these senses and therefore are missing out on many opportunities that could change their lives forever. If you have an opportunity to communicate with a person, but you are unable to speak or hear them, using the five functions of nonverbal behaviors can help you communicate.

Five Functions Of Nonverbal Behaviors.

For example, if you were a business owner, you would want to attract people who are interested in what you are selling. By using the five functions of nonverbal behaviors you can easily determine whether a person is interested in your product. Once you determine this, you can then use these five functions of communication to determine if this person may be open to listening to you, or if they are only interested in getting your business. If you are able to determine this through the five functions of nonverbal behaviors then you can start to develop a relationship with these person.

Communication can be very difficult, especially in today’s society, and that is why most people rely on visual means to communicate. However, many times people fail to realize that the five functions of nonverbal communication can also greatly influence a person’s communication. That is why if you want to learn more about how to effectively communicate with someone, you should become familiar with the five functions of nonverbal communication. You will then be able to determine whether or not a person is worth getting to know, purely based on the way that you are communicating with them. This will also allow you to develop a relationship with them, which will be beneficial in the long run.

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