Dog holidays: stress-free summer vacations

Dog holidays: summer vacations with four-legged friendsPet ownership is the best option for a relaxed dog owner. What you should consider when traveling with the dog, you will find it here.

For the assortment of dog transport

Ready for a vacation: where to go with the four-legged friend?

The sun shines, temperatures rise and spring is in the air. After the cold season, the desire for a relaxing holiday trip increases. But where to go with the four-legged friend? A question that many dog ​​owners know very well. For some owners, there is no other option than to place the dog in an expensive pension, at home or with friends. All options that are more or less just emergency solutions. After all, pet owners do not want to spend the best time of the year without their own dog. Since it is obvious to look for suitable travel options, which allow to spend the holidays with a dog.

Dog holiday

The sun shines, the sea whispers and a couple walks along the beach with their dog. What sounds like a scene from a movie can easily become reality. With a well-planned vacation, for example, REWE travel deals, a four-legged vacation is not a difficulty.

A few years ago, traveling with a dog was much harder to achieve than it is today. Dogs were often unwanted and the number of adequate accommodations was small. However, many tour operators have adapted to dog owners and offer a variety of vacation destinations and travel options. Meanwhile, you can find more and more holiday homes, such as apartments, guest houses and hotels, specially designed for owners and dogs. Here four-legged friends are not only tolerated, but explicitly welcome.

Before the trip

Whether within Germany or internationally, there are many destinations for an excellent holiday with a dog. You can find suitable resorts not only on the German coast: it is also worth visiting countries like Croatia, Spain, Italy or the Netherlands. For the trip to be a total success, there are some things to keep in mind, because after all, an upcoming summer trip with a dog requires good preparation.

Other countries – other customs

If you have decided to spend a holiday together with a dog inside or outside Europe, you should pay attention in advance. In some countries, your pet holiday companion needs a passport, the so-called EU pet passport. It contains all the information about you and your animal and provides information on the necessary vaccines such as rabies, parvovirus, leptospirosis, distemper or hepatitis. In combination with a microchip, your dog is identifiable at any time. The dog's business card is available at your veterinarian. The passport is valid for the life of a dog; only renewed vaccines should be recorded regularly. If you plan a trip to Sweden, Ireland, the United Kingdom or Malta, the card alone is not enough. In addition, you should be able to demonstrate in these countries that your dog has been vaccinated against ticks and tapeworms. Rabies detection by a blood test to detect existing antibodies is mandatory here. Do not bring the information you want to the destination, it can be really expensive. In addition to heavy fines, your dog's trip would be over even before it began, because the quarantine station is waiting for you.

Dog's luggage

Food, toys and much more: your dog's travel bag must be well stocked and contain everything you need during a vacation trip. The motto is: rather a favorite toy taken more than one very little.

Depending on your destination, your pet's favorite food may not be available. To avoid stomach upset, since your love cannot tolerate alternative dog food, you should definitely pack enough food in your pet's travel bag. Even medications are part of the team: a first aid kit with ticks, tweezers, bandages and company will give you the security of being able to treat your dog in the best way possible during an emergency. But not only food and dressings should be present on a longer trip. A belt with an address label, Kotbeutel, a basket or blanket and enough bowls of water and food is also essential. Essential travel items remind your four-legged friends of their usual surroundings. He knows the smells and associates them with something positive. Especially nervous and stressed animals, this can give some security when traveling.

Vacation checklist with dogs


Whether by car, plane or train, there is no trip without transportation. To make sure it works smoothly, you can already take some precautions in advance and complete smaller exercise sessions with your four-legged vacation companion.

On a great trip

Not all dogs are professionals in driving. Some are reluctant to get in the car, others feel uncomfortable while driving and are stressed. The remedy only creates an early training. Try to make it clear to your pet that cars are not dangerous. Rewarding positive behaviors such as praise or treats, as well as smaller and larger routes can make dogs afraid to drive. Therefore, your four-legged friend is less stressed during a trip and is already used to moving by car.

Some dogs also suffer from travel illnesses. If this is the case, you should consult your veterinarian before a longer trip. Sometimes it is enough if the animals before the walk do not have food, but only water is served. Calculate also generous breaks: they serve for the recreation of the animal, but of course also of the man. But security must not be neglected either. Your dog must be safely housed while driving. In the best case, reserve the trunk of your car for your dog, since it is forbidden to travel in the passenger's lap or in the back seat. A grid or net must separate the dog's place and the driver's compartment; This is the only way to guarantee the safety of all concerned.


You can also practice train driving with your four-legged friend before the actual trip. As with driving a car, you should regularly take small train journeys in advance with your dog. However, remember that a train trip will stress your animal friend, especially due to the many strangers. Relax, short breaks during a train trip are often difficult to achieve, so you should only consider traveling by train if you only have to travel a short distance.

Boarding completed

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you must book a planned flight as soon as possible, as some companies tolerate only a limited number of animals on board. In addition, certain airlines do not offer any service that allows them to take their own pet with them. The dog breed also plays a crucial role. Even the dog on the favorites list does not have the opportunity to get on board in some companies. It is even more important that you clarify in advance if the airline in question wants your dog.

The light weights among the four-legged friends can rejoice, because with a weight of up to five kilos, they can enjoy the trip over the clouds in the cabin together with the teacher and the lover. But the rules also apply here: an appropriate transport box is required. This cannot be larger than 48x40x20 cm and heavier than five kilos. Make sure the box has enough air holes and is equipped with enough water.

Larger dogs travel separately from the owner in a transport box in the trunk. The box must comply with IATA guidelines. That means it has to be stable, waterproof and breathable. When choosing a transport box, make sure your skin nose can sit, lie down and turn comfortably. The quality of the boxes can vary greatly. Therefore, you should not save at the wrong end. Cheap models are sometimes poorly designed and can cause serious injuries from sharp and sharp edges.

Well planned is half traveled

No matter what trip you choose, always consider your dog's needs at the place of travel. If you plan the trip well with your four-legged vacation companion and anticipate all eventualities, you will soon exchange a sad and rainy climate for a sunny and relaxing holiday with a dog on the beach.

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