Dental Fluid – How To Remove White Spots On Front Teeth

If you have noticed white spots on front teeth then chances are good that your dental insurance will not cover them. This is because white spots on the surface of the tooth are not usually caused by decay or gum disease and in most cases they are caused by dental fluorosis. Dental fluorosis, which is a yellow discoloration of the tooth enamel, is a common occurrence in children but can affect adults as well. Although most of us are aware of this condition when it occurs on the teeth, many people do not know what causes it, who is at risk for it or how to prevent it from happening.

There are several factors that can cause a white spot lesions on the teeth. These include chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, anemia, and dehydration. In addition to this there are several other factors that can cause white spot lesions on the enamel. For example the wearing of improper teeth care, exposure to tobacco smoke, genetics, exposure to toxins such as lead, and poor diet all contribute to the formation of these spots on the tooth.

Treatment options

There are several treatment options available for this problem. The most common treatment options involve either the covering of the white area with enamel that is either resin-based or gold-based. Typically these treatments will last for about one to three years and you may need to go back for refinishing. However, there are several advantages and disadvantages to these treatments. Here is a closer look at these.

The advantage of these types of covers is that they are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased over the counter. On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage is that these types of covers will wear down after a period of time and can potentially reveal the underlying dentine beneath the white spots. If the problem is not noticed soon enough then the tooth will be revealed and your dental costs will skyrocket.

Another possible solution to the problem would be to cover the white spots with dental fluorosis. This does have some advantages. First, dental fluorosis works very well to cover discoloration on the tooth. It has an effective camouflage ability and will not interfere with the overall appearance of the tooth. It also has some proven benefits in combating tooth decay.


However, the biggest disadvantage of using this approach is that it will not prevent the white spots from coming back. This is because the resin infiltration process is not a complete resolution process. With complete resolution your tooth’s surface will be totally sealed and no new pockets or cracks can form. With complete resolution you will not experience any pain, sensitivity, or sensitivity around your tooth’s surface. However, because the white spots will still show through the holes in the surface this is not a satisfactory solution.

Natural remediesmade from botanicals

A much more effective approach to dealing with the problem of white spots on front teeth is to use a natural remedy made from botanicals. When done in the early stages of the effects of this treatment can be quite dramatic. The results of dental fluorosis will be prevented but it will not stop the spots from coming back. In the early stages you will have a very noticeable difference and a smile will regain its natural luster.

You can get a natural solution to help you eliminate white spots on front teeth from the comfort of your own home. There are many different products available, but the most effective product I’ve found is a resource that offers you a three-part formula that will help you eliminate your dental problems. This system will offer you all of the guidance you need to know and take the proper steps to avoid future dental problems. This system uses cutting edge technology to help you solve your dental problems.


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